Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Why I Love Heroes

You know, there is just so much to love about the show Heroes. Not the least of which is all the eye candy. As you may have guessed, Peter Petrelli is my favorite. More on that later....
I love that the show is so unpredictable. I love how, like a good Dickens novel, the writers take seemingly random events and people, and connect them all into an intricately wound story. I love that this show consistantly exceeds my expectations.
One of my favorite aspects of the show is the comparion and contrast of the characters of Peter Petrelli and Sylar. ( Side note, I love the actor that plays Skylar and think he is just AMAZING!) Peter and Sylar and both incredibly powerful. Both of them are able to absorb the powers of others that they have come into contact, but it is the manner in which they absorb these powers that is most interesting.
Sylar wanted to be extraordinary. Ridiculed as a child by his mother that he could be so much more, he was disappointed when his only power appeared to be really keen hearing. But then, we notice Sylar's ability to ascertain what makes thinks work - what makes them "tick". It doesn't take long for Sylar to discover that if he ingests the brains of another "hero" he absorbs their power. Sylar becomes more powerful by killing - mercilessly.
Peter on the other hand is a nurse for a dying man when we first meet him. Peter thinks that he can fly, but soon discovers that he can't. Peter's real power lies in the ability to use his feelings - his empathy and love for his fellow human being. Through this empathetic ability, Peter is able to absorb the powers of the heroes around him just by thinking about them. Peter is powerful because of his ability to love.
At the end of season one, I thought they both were dead- Peter and Sylar. But with Peter back, can Sylar be far behind? I am anxious to see what else season 2 has in store.