Thursday, November 6, 2008

These are a Few of My Favorite Things:

Just like the songs says, sometimes when I am feeling sad, thinking about my favorite things makes me feel better. Here are some of mine:

*The way my husband's smile only goes up on one side of his mouth but goes all the way to his eyes.

* The sound of my little girls laughing - hard.

* The first strains of a favorite song when it comes on the radio.

* The way my husband calls me sweetheart.

* Dragons.

*72 degrees with sunny, blue skies.

*Lilacs in bloom.

*My children playing nicely together.

* The sights and smells of my moms house.

*AN Empty Laundry basket.

* Anything Chocolate.

*The Fresh smell of the Christmas Tree.

*Butterflies and hummingbirds.

* Listening to my daughters sing.

*The peacefulness of the ocean, especially under the waves.

*Wishing on a star.

* The way my husband's arms and shoulders feel when he hugs me.

* Whales, dolphins, fish and all sea creatures.

* Snow on Christmas



Ann M. said...

Great list! Thanks for sharing. Homecomings are my favorite, too. Even though deployments SUCK, I kind of feel bad for everyone who never gets to have that moment.

Roe said...

Hey, Snow! Just wanted to let you know I have been thinking of you. Hope you guys are hanging in.