Saturday, November 14, 2009

Do They Get It

This evening my husband and I were watching "Nights in Rodanthe". For anyone that has seen the movie or read the book, you know it is an amazing, heartfelt book about finding love and how love can save us.
I sat there with my husband, enthralled by the story while he seemed like he would rather be having a labotomy. His response to stories like this always makes me wonder whether it's him, or whether men ( most men anyway) just don't feel things like women do. It's frustrating.
I honestly feel like my husband and I have a love tht is unique and amazing - something that most people don't have. But at other times, I wonder if I feel that way about him and I think that he feels the same way about me and it's really just an illusion because he's just not capable of feeling the depth and breadth of what I feel. There must be some men who feel it, even if they can't articulate it. I mean some of the worlds greatest poets: Shelley, Byron, Browning... all men. Heck, even Nicholas Sparks ( who wrote Nights in Rodanthe is a man, though I must say he channels female better than anyone I have ever seen.)
There is a scene in Willow - you know, the sci-fi, fantasy movie Willow - where Mad Martigan says to Sorcha, " You are my sun, my moon, my star-lit sky. Without you, I dwell in darkness...." Every woman wants to be her mans sun, moon and star-lit sky. Every one of us. Occassionally it would be nice to have that vocally articulated. Not everyday, but occassionaly, yep, I could go for a healthy dose of Mad Mardigan.


Moonaroo said...

I wonder these same things about my husband. Men and women are so different in so many ways. Sometimes, like when I read posts like this one, it helps me to know that I am not the only one.

snowflake said...

Definitely not the only one! My husband did remind me today that Mad Mardigan was under the influence of love dust.... I guess we just have to find our own version to loosen our erstwhile romeos tongue! LOL!

Ken said...

I love to watch my wife react when she appreciates some lovey-dovey thing I've managed to formulate and say. In our minds, we men are often thinking "wife... good. Good woman, that wife." And then we have to stretch our vocabulary to make that thought sound all flowery and romantic.

Since it is impossible for men and women to get inside each other's heads/hearts, it is impossible to say for sure if we're actually feeling the exact same things. But we do know that men and women literally think differently - that our brains are different. So there's a good chance our feelings are different, too.

There are some movies out there that will make a man cry. "Old Yeller" comes to mind, especially if the guy is fond of dogs. ;-)