Saturday, January 3, 2009

Being Tested Already and It's only the 3rd.....

Ok so just the other day, I posted a bunch of goals for myself for the New Year. One of them was to be more patient with those in my life who need it - and here today, three days into the new year, I already feel tested.

The black horseman of the Apocolypse, A.K.A my sister -in- law, called yesterday. Why do I refer to her as the Horesman of Death? Well, let's just say that she never calls with glad tidings. In fact, if my husband isn't here, she rarely remembers that my children and I exist. (Not that it's always a bad thing....)

At any rate, yesterday wasn't any different, it was just more of the same. Yesterday she called to discuss the disaster area that is otherwise known as my mother in law's life. My mother in law has been trying to sell a town home in FL for the past year and a half. Now anyone that has been reading anything on the real estate market knows that the entire market has tanked and that the worst hit markets are Florida and California, so no big surprise that my mother in law is unable to sell at townhome.

Here's the trouble though, all the money she has in the world is tied up in the equity in that townhome. My sister in law, in a flash of brilliance, thinks that my mother in law should allow the house to be foreclosed on and just move across country - away from everything she knows, including her elderly mother - to Colorado. Yup, you read that right.

Then, said sister in law, wants to use whatever money my mil manages to get to refinish her own basement so that my mil can live there.

So the timing of this blog finds me praying for sanity, patience, a really good BOTTLE of wine and hoping against hope that Calgon can really take me away!!!!


Moonaroo said...

Can I recommend...for this kind of situation a more expensive bottle of wine, a reserve a bottle. That way you will be sooooo relaxed that reality will seem a laugh away. Good Luck!