Monday, January 19, 2009

Where is Our Focus?

Yesterday was the AFC and NFC championship games leading up to the next Super Bowl. Those of you out there who watch football or your husbands do, are already aware of this fact. Here's something you may not know - I'm from Pittsburgh and I could care less that the Steelers have made it. *GASP* the horror, I know.

If you have never been to Pittsburgh, let me tell you a little about my home town. The news there is full of mind numbing drivel about the latest exploits of the Steelers, even in their off season. I could really care less if Ben Roethelsburger is seeing a pyschiatrist. I don't even care enough about him, or the Steelers, to look up how to properly spell his name.

There are people in my hometown who are hard pressed by the downturns in our economy. In reality, the city itself is slowly dying. More jobs are lost in every quarter and more people are leaving - it's the equivalent of an exodus - the departure from the city. Sure, the surrounding areas are still thriving in some areas.

Look around though, we have so much more going on in our daily lives than who is playing in the SuperBowl. We are about to inaugurate a new President. We have two wars to clean up, an economy that is on the cusp of ruin, a people who are losing faith in the greatness of their country and some of those same citizens could care less about those things all because their precious Steelers are in the SuperBowl.

I don't wear black and gold, and I don't care who wins the superbowl. For one reason and one reason only I will root for the Steelers... because I know what their win could mean to an otherwise sad and very depressed area. I can only hope that when football season is over some of my fellow Pennsylvanians will realize that there is more important things in life than football.


Moonaroo said...

Oh Snowflake, I couldn't agree with you more! Here in Seattle, our baseball team was unhappy with their little stadium so we demolished it and built them a new one. Then we had to do the same for the football team. Now our basketball team has left town because they didn't get their new stadium. I probably don't need to mention that these stadiums have cost the King County taxpayers millions and we are still in debt over it. Meanwhile programs that benefit everyone are cut and we continue to live in a traffic nightmare.

I have never understood sports hype. I remember, a few years back, riding on an exercise cycle in the gym and the world series was on. Some guy asked me who was ahead. I took out my rockin' headphones to answer and with all honesty had to ask "Who's playing?"