Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Skipping Christmas

First, on a positive note related to my last post, I did find a food kitchen to volunteer at as well as signing up to be a literacy volunteer. I'm actually pretty excited about these things. Now on to today's less than positive rant. Apologies in advance. I've been working on Christmas for months, trying to plan what everyone in my family wants and making sure that they have a very happy holiday. My husband provides little or no input at all, not even on the gifts for his sister, mother and respective families. Whatever. I'm over it. I just send them whatever at this point and they can deal with it if it isn't something they like. That's the best I can do. My husband has been sick and nearly completely useless for two weeks. Yes, I feel terrible that he has been so sick. I've tried to take care of him, providing nutritious food and care. But it just seems like the never ending sickness at this point. It doesn't help that he is so reticent to go to the doctor or take any medication. Add to this fact that we have about a million things to do around our house: mow the yard, rake the leaves, pick up debris, get a frigging Christmas tree. Seriously its never ending and starting to feel overwhelming. Add to that my snarky teenager being well.... a teenager and life is just peachy. In all honesty, my daughter is a beautiful girl that is really pretty good but we're both menstrual at the moment making everyone's life hell. Awesome. Its Christmas time. I was so excited to have my shopping done early, my shipping completed and cards sent but now.... yeah, it's just sucky. No CHristmas tree, no Christmas lights and honestly, my husband never helps with the lights so I always have to do that myself. I'm just tired. Maybe I'll just skip Christmas this year. Everyone else around here appears to be. I know this post is just pathetic but I just wanted to vent. Needed a place to get the anger and frustration OUT. My mom arrives in just a few days. I hope that when she gets here, I'll be able to find my Christmas spirit again. Going to bed to pray and think about what is and what isn't really important to try and give myself a new perspective tomorrow. Thanks for listening.