Monday, November 19, 2007


I don't think I have ever been so happy to fall into my husband's arms as I was yesterday. It was a huge surprise. They weren't supposed to be home yet. Then, on Saturday morning came the surprise news and my heart just leaped for joy!!! I am so thankful and so happy to have him home!
I drove with the girls to lower base to pick him up. I saw him walking toward me, I knew right away, even without seeing his face, that it was him. I love that thrill I feel when I see his face and I love feeling like I hang on his every word and he on mine. I love that even though he has been gone so long, it feels like not an instant has passed since last his eyes met mine. I love how when we talk together everything, even stupid things, sound like a secret just for us.
Right now I feel like I have to rush to get all the I love you's out.... I have to tell him everything and get him to tell me everything... because too soon, it will all be over. This will be just a dream that I had as I wake up, crying in the bed alone.
But for now, it's such a beautiful dream and I don't want to wake up yet. For now, I will take the time I have, savor every single second because I know it's a finite period of time.
Realistically I know that we all have only a finite period of time, but can you imagine that being your constant reality? Every second, every moment, is over way too fast. I wish I could just hold on, make the moments last, hold back the dawn.... but I can't.
For now, I'll be happy for today and happy for the hope of that tomorrow when he'll be back forever. No more Navy. No more mission. Just us. Someday....


Half my Heart said...

Yay! I'm so happy for you! Soak it all up girl.

BTW, I got your card in the mail yesterday... thank you so much... you are a great friend!