Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Waiting for You....

Rattling around in our home,
It’s so dark and I’m alone….
Every room holds memories of you,
They aren’t enough to get me through.

I lay awake in our bed,
Dreaming of the days ahead.
Those days that you’ll be here with me,
Where we both want you to be.

I hate to kiss and say “see you tomorrow”
These goodbyes fill me with so much sorrow.
Tomorrow isn’t hours away
How long it will be this time, I can’t say.

It’s hard to live with half my heart,
It’s hard to bear so much time apart.
Despite that, I’m proud as I watch you go,
Just how much, I hope you know.

I watch you as you walk away….
I wish futilely that I could make you stay.
Tears stream silently down my face,
As I memorize your sweet face.

I know that the day will come,
When you will make your way safely home.
When your mission is finally through,
I’ll be right here, waiting for you.


Chaos Mommy said...

I'm sorry, Snow. I know how you feel. My time is coming *very* soon!

Anonymous said...

Snow, I've said it a couple of times now and I'll say it again: You are my hero. How you endure deployment after deployment is beyond me. Sending you hugs.

Half my Heart said...

Wow, that was amazing and very moving! Did you write that??? Much how I feel... hang in there... (((Hugs)))

Roe said...

I just found out you've entered the blogosphere - how are you?

Hang in there - you're an amazing woman with strength you don't even know the depths of. ::hugs::