Friday, January 11, 2008

I Should Have Named Her Victoria...

As in Beckham.... No one told me I was the mother of the new generation of "Posh" but there you have it. My little tidbit has a new nickname. So funny story... Every week at Posh's school, they have the letter of the week. They talk about the letter, the sound it makes, they have snacks that start with the letter, and they talk about words that start with that letter. Sounds fun, right?
So yesterday, I arrive a little early to pick Posh up. They have the list of words that the children have talked about that start with the letter of the week - this week's letter being "M". It is always fun to read the list, but this week was especially entertaining.
So, I'm reading the list:" Mommy, milk, moon, monster, March, music"... and then I get to my daughters contributions: "Macy's" followed immediately by "mall". Too funny. I looked at the teacher and she said, "Yep, those were Emily's additions." As if I didn't already know.
You see, even though I am pretty ecclectic in my clothing tastes - down right hippy I guess - my daughter truly is Posh. She loves to wear dresses. Only dresses. I really can't get her to wear pants. She doesn't care if she has to wear snow pants under her dress just to be warm enough, just as long as she can wear a dress. She surely doesn't get this from her mother - who lives in jeans - or her sister - which going with the spice girl theme would be "Sporty".
My daughter loves to shop. This, sadly, she does get honestly. We all share that habit. Anyhow, I was relaying this story to my mother, who of course just beamed with pride. She told Posh, " When Gigi comes next week, I'm going to take you to Macy's and get you a dress that twirls!" To which my daughter happily exclaimed, " I LOVE that place! Let's do lunch while we are out!"
They really are peas in a pod.... How did this happen?


SkeinGoddess said...

Aww, I've been through the same with Girly. She Finally will wear pants, but only if they are pink, purple or have these colours on them, and only for school. they would SO get on great together:)

navywife6 said...

oh man how funny Snow....gotta love girls....don't get me wrong my boys are GREAT, but GIRLS and shopping go hand in hand. Tell GiGi we all wanna go "do lunch"

Roe said...

hahahahah... brilliant! I see a black sheath dress, some pearls and a pair of fabulous black sunglasses in her future... ;-)

Rural Writer said...

I have my own set of oshes. They are 8 and 5 and quite the little trend setters. Sigh... whattayagonnado?