Wednesday, January 16, 2008

You ever just have one of those mornings?

Well, this is one of those mornings for me. My husband has duty today. That means a 4:30 wake up call for him, and this morning it also unfortunately meant a 5 am wake up for me! Ugh. You may ask why I was up at such an ungodly hour of the morning? Well, technically I am an early riser, but this morning, I was actually still sleeping at 5 am when my husband came in asking me where his underwear were. Yes, you heard me right, the man was looking for his underwear.

Now maybe it's me, and maybe my brain is just in a fog this early in the morning but I'd think he would be able to find his own underwear, wouldn't you think so? I mean, they have been in the same place for the entire 9 years of our marriage. Top dresser drawer. It isn't rocket science. So, I tell him where the undies are and roll over to attempt to go back to sleep. Not 10 minutes later he is looking for something else- his blankets that I had washed for him. I said, "Honey, they are downstairs next to the door, folded and ready to go." You know, the man is a genius but he is also as helpless as a new born baby without me. Why is that?

Every morning it's something - his keys, his wallet, his gloves, his id, something.... After a while, wouldn't you find one place to keep all these things together? Or is that just me being too practical this morning?

Did I mention that on top of ALL of this, my coffee pot is broken and Sporty has a rash? Yes, the day is not off to an auspicious beginning, but on a positive note, things can only improve. Right? RIGHT????


SkeinGoddess said...

unfortunatly I can't help with the helpless genius syndrome, as I have one of those too. As for the Coffee situation, That I can help on. get a hair tie/rubber banda fork and your coffee filter and coffee. fill a pot of water (enough for how much you wil drink). hold the filter in your hand, put coffee in and secure with hairtie/rubberband attach to holding end of fork. Boil the water. Holding tongs of the fork steep your coffee for about a minute( or more if you like it strong. This has happened to me many a not use a twist tie unless you have a sieve, the filter will slide right outta that and you'll have "cowboy coffee" ugh.

snowflake said...

YOU truly are a lifesaver!!!!!

navywife6 said...

Snow don't you wonder how the get buy when they are deployed I mean really I am so tired of the OOPS where is.....whatever they need at the time.

This AM is was we're outta towels, and I said use the one hanging on the towel rack (ya know my decorative one LOL) and he actually said "is it clean" I was like are you serious...what the heck is up with that, like I'd really give him a DIRTY towel LOL. Whatever LOL...oh and I am usually up at 4 am everyday but today slept in until 5:15 hubby needed up at 5...go figure LOL. Hang in there hope the day gets better.

Keri said...

Get yourself some coffee girl and it can only get better !
Seems like i'm the one always looking for stuff, prob. cause my hubbie is the one always putting it away in weird places.
you haven't seen Ava's snow boots have you??

Roe said...

NO fcking coffee?!

Okay, got that out of my system... I like skeingoddess' McGuyver-like ways. I also suggest getting yourself an emergency backup. It's a single-cup maker, basically looks like a plastic funnel. You put a #2 size filter in with a scoop of coffee and pour the water in. It's all good, and has saved the lives of those around me on many an occasion.

While Mike knows where his underwear reside, getting out of the house with him is maddening. "Rosie... Rosie... Rosie..." WHAT?!