Friday, July 11, 2008

Go Sell Crazy Someplace Else.... We're Full Up Here!

I'll tell you, it has just been one of those weeks. I have had no time for writing - or anything else for that matter. It's good and bad. I have been so inspired so many times throughout the week for a topic to write on and it just didn't happen.
I can't believe that today is Friday and another week has passed me by. I'm glad. I wish I could close my eyes and it could be Halloween, at least!
July has been the hardest month of the summer because the girls are home and there is little to break up the day to day monotony. The things that do occur that are out of the ordinary are usually not enjoyable. Still, I will say that it is satisfying to feel like I am helping people, and once in a while, I really do feel that. It's nice to have a purpose in addition to the most important purpose of my life - being a mom.
Tomorrow I am hoping for a stress free - low phone call day. I want to just go outside and spend the day with my kids without anyone needing me for anything. I want to just enjoy myself, my daughters and laugh. I'm tempted to turn the darn phone off, but I really can't do that.
One great thing happened this week - the silence is finally over! It was so wonderful to hear from my husband, even if the e-mails were written a while ago. I miss him like crazy so those e-mails are almost like hearing his voice. When I got those e-mails it was like a great big sigh of relief.... I hate all the stress and worry.

I did take my daughters berry picking this week. Fresh raspberries and blueberries! What could be better? The raspberries were sadly disappointing, but the blueberries.... absolutely divine! I love to pick them right off the vine and so do my girls.

Tomorrow I am going to back some blueberry muffins for them, that will be fun! I also got a kids cookbook and we are going to get into that tomorrow. I love to bake and even cook, when I have the time. I will enjoy teaching my daughters. I already like to bake cookies and cakes with them, but learning to cook is so much more important- a real life skill. I hope that we will create delicious meals while at the same time making happy memories. Here's hoping for no more insanity tomorrow. Just one day off...


Moonaroo said...

Good for you getting your daughters out berry picking! I really need to do that with my kids this summer. I always loved it as a child. Not to mention the enourmous benefit of yummy berries!