Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Reaching for Transcendence

Have you ever heard of Maslow's theory of needs? According to Maslow, in order to achieve transcendence, which is real self actualiztion, all the lower needs must be met.

Looking at the pyramid, I realize that transcendence may be some time away for me. I have my basic needs met - I'm not hungry or thristy. We have a nice house. I feel secure - most of the time. But then, I hit the snag....the need for love, belonging... I have those things, but I don't feel it all the time.

Every time my husband leaves it's like taking two steps forward and one step back. It's a slow process. I don't know, maybe by going through this, I am growing and learning... on my way to being a more self aware human. But sometimes, like today, the journey is really painful.

Imagine finding out that your husband had safely arrived at some destination - from another human being. That's what happened today. Imagine working really hard to keep your smile on and not have it look too thin for your two daughters - because that is every day for me.
Imagine hanging on by what some days feels like a really thin thread...

According to Maslow's theory, each level of the basic human needs must be attained before reaching for the next level. Sometimes I feel like I will never get there. Then I think, well, maybe that's the point. Maybe I'm just like Holden Caulfield going through life with my hunting cap on. Maybe it really is all about the journey.

Deep down I know that there can be no light without the dark. There can be no joy without dispair, there can be no love without some loss and sacrifice. It just doesn't make days like today any easier. So, what am I going to do about it? Well - head out for a day of fun with the girls and cap it off with ice cream of course. There isn't much that ice cream can't fix...

Of course, i will have to chase that with two miles on the tread mile unless I want to gain five pounds on each thigh... but I'm willing to make that sacrifice.


Coffee Girl said...

I loved reading this. I got turned on to your blog by Angela. Keep up the good work!