Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Struggle

Yesterday was Independence Day. Fireworks have never been a favorite of mine - I don't like the noise, but my husband and my daughters love them. We are supposed to go see the fireworks tonight, amidst a weather forecast of rain and thunder storms. It figures. I am hoping all the rain will work it's way out early, but you just never know with the weather we have here in CT> Still, I guess I shouldn't really complain, after all, my trees and my grass are in fairly desperate need.

We are still dealing with the silence here -the thing I hate most in the world. Still, I comfort myself with the knowledge that bad news travels fast. In some cases, no news truly is good news. I wonder how much longer I will have to hang on to that thin thread?? The hardest part is holding it all together while the panic in those around me escalates. I know that if they see me acting concerned or scared, it will only make their emotions worse and that much more intense.

The other night, I had a lady call me just sobbing.... I was so heartbroken for her and there was nothing that I could really do or say to make it any better for her. Where is that magic wand when I need it??

For those that read my last blog - the girls and I had a great time at the picnic. We had a bet to see how long it would be until someone clueless civilian asked us where Daddy was. Kaylee won - the answer was 27 minutes.... Ugh.


Ann M. said...

DH tells me that all the time--that if I don't hear anything, everything is fine. That's not really reassuring, but I guess it is the nature of submarines.

About that woman you talked to on the phone--you may not have been able to help whatever situation she had, but just listening probably made her feel better, at least in the short term. Don't discount the fact that you were there and able to listen to her as not doing anything.