Monday, February 2, 2009

The Groundhog Better Give Me Good News.... OR ELSE!!!

Today is the day when Punxsutawney Phil will come out of his whole, take a good look around and decide whether it will be an early spring or another six long dreary weeks of winter. I, for one, am hoping that it is as overcast as it usually is in Pennsylvania and that good ole Phil takes a good look around, doesn't see his shadow and decides that we are due for some early spring. My heart and my spirit could definitely use the good news.

Here in Connecticut we have had quite the winter. My husband came home and since then, we have had a significant snowfall every week - at least one. I haven't seen the ground since the 18th of December - it's been covered in white since then. How sad is that? Seriously, I like winter. I love the pretty snowfall, cuddling up under a blanket, hot cocoa, building snowmen and the whole nine yards. But honestly? Enough is enough already!

Have you ever had that unpleasant experience where you are walking along, minding your own business and all of a sudden - PLOP!- a bird shits on you from out of nowhere? Nothing is quite as unpleasant as that, trust me! Well.... I feel like this winter has been one endless succession of bird shit being heaped on my head. Even the snow is starting to look that way.

So Phil, if you are reading this, here is the deal: either you come out of that hole and give us some good news or I am packing up my two little girls, driving us all down there to Pennsylvania so that they can drive YOU crazy on the snow days! Trust me, it won't be pretty!


Moonaroo said...

You are a real trooper. We don't get snow ever for more than a couple of days here in Seattle, then it turns to ice and slush or sometimes it just melts. We had a whole week of snow in December and I was really glad to see it go. Maybe because of the hills and the ice I couldn't really get around and we got cabin fever here in our little home believe me.