Saturday, February 14, 2009

Some Reasons I Hate Barbie

1. They are almost always blonde. Only the "sidekick" Barbies are brunette and the even rarer redhead.

2. The bitch is so plastic that absolutely everything about her is FAKE. Every word out of her mouth is so phony it could probably bounce.

3. She thinks she's all that - and a bag of chips.

4. She hasn't realized yet what even my five year old knows - It really isn't all about her.

5. She'll say sweet things to your face and talk about you horribly as soon as your back is turned.

6. A person never knows where they stand with Barbie because she is plastic.

7. Barbie judges other people by their looks, the length of their non-manicured nails, the label on their clothes. You get the picture.

8. Did I mention that she's plastic?


Moonaroo said...

Snowflake, I couldn't agree more and I love that song! I haven't gotten to A Lion Among Men. It was next on my to read list, but I am now reading Twilight. My almost 10 year old daughter wants to read it. I think that she is too young, but told her that I would read it and give her my final answer. I am halfway through and the answer is still NO. Lion Among Men is next I promise.

Moonaroo said...

This is a truly excellent post. I think that it is the best video to list post that I have seen thus far.