Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I'm Bushed!!!

I was so incredibly tired last night that I fell asleep without sleep aides for the first time in over two weeks . It felt good to have a natural, deep sleep. I even had a dream, not that I can remember anything specific about it, only that I dreamed.

Last night was the kids Christmas party for the boat. I have to say that considering we threw it together in two weeks time, I think it was a resounding success! We had cookies to decorate, ornaments to paint, cards to make, a christmas list for santa, gifts to make for daddy, and of course, a visit from the big man himself - complete with books for all! It was great! My daughters had a wonderful time and the look on my Emily's face when Santa called her to receive her book was just priceless!!

Kaylee, my oldest, actually took Santa a handful of cookies as he was leaving - "for the road"! She cracks me up! I was up to my eyeballs in fabric paint for most of the night. We did reindeers on t-shirts for Daddy by using foot and handprints. They really came out cute! My daughters did a pillowcase as I'm sure my hubby wouldn't be wearing his reindeer on the boat, but probably will use the pillow case.

I also got some great candid shots of all the children just having a good time. To see their faces light up with joy during such a hard time for them means so much! My daughters take it really hard when their daddy is gone. They know that life goes on and that he will come home, but like me, they miss him something fierce! I was actually so busy painting last night, that for a while, I forgot my own cares and worries. For all the grumbling and everything I did about putting the party together on such short notice, I'm really glad that I was invovled.


Roe said...

It sounds like a great time was had by all! I love that Kaylee gave Santa some cookies "for the road" - too sweet! Will you post some of the pictures on the Cafe?

It was so much fun chatting last night!