Monday, December 31, 2007

An Unsolicicted, Unwanted Blast from the Past

So today, on the cusp of the new year, I received a mysterious e-mail. It was from a girl that I haven't talked to - or thought about - in over 20 years. Growing up, she was my neighbor, sort of the required friend. We never really had a lot in common. She was beautiful, blonde, preppy and painfully shy. I was the mousy, nearly invisible, bookish, smart rebel. I wasn't in to Bryan Adams and she couldn't stand the Ramones - enough said, right?
Her mother was my worst nightmare. Imagine June Cleaver on uppers and you have the idea. Plus she was the super nosy neighbor into everyone's business whether you wanted her to be or not. I guess since my parents got divorced and I lived for some time with my dad, I became her "pet" project - much to my perpetual dismay.
Highschool wasn't a highlight of my life - it isn't a period that I ever want to revisit or God -forbid relive. It's like that video from Iron Maiden - "Wasted Years". High school was my wasted years. I feel sorry for people who view that time of their lives as their prime. Not me. I'm at my best and mostly happiest right now. There really aren't too many people from that time in my life that i would care to reacquaint myself with or give them the obligatory 20 year update on what a success my life is. I could give a damn what they think, you know?
So imagine my horror to receive the 20 year reunion e-mail today. And from my former neighbor of ALL people. This is the girl who was little more than a blonde lemming who didn't even invite me to swim in - MY OWN POOL- with her preppy friends. I'm going to get right on that 20 year reunion thing..... yeah.....


Nikki said...

Thankfully I haven't gotten any of those yet. But we do have our 15 year this year (2008???) and I will probably be a sucker and go! Oh please head over to my blog (chaos in the country), I tagged you for a Meme!

Roe said...

Yeesh. At least the people that get back in touch with me are people I'm happy to hear from. ;-)

I'm going to do the meme later today!

Christina said...

I got my 25 year reunion in 2007. Boy, I feel old! LOL It turned out that weekend that there were four different things going on all in different places. So the reunion (which I had been hemming and hawing about whether to go to) got cut out. Not a big loss. The friends I have from HS that I care about, I keep in touch with. The rest of the people from HS, well, let's just say if I didn't care much for their company 25 years ago...I'm not going to go out of my way to try to spend time with them now! ;-)