Thursday, February 21, 2008

Adrift...some times

Do you ever feel like you are just riding the tide of life, hanging on for dear life to the surfboard as all the events around you come crashing down? Honestly sometimes I feel like life sort of happens to me instead of having a proactive role and making life happen.
It's frustrating to feel so out of control, until I remind myself that there is so little in life that we truly have control over. It's all an illusion, isn't it? As time passes, one day seems to bleed into the next, only seperated by the growing laundry list of things that need to get done.
On the plus side, sometimes this makes time go by faster and when you are the one left at home waiting, as I often am, anything that makes the time go by faster is a welcome reprieve.

Honestly, looking back on my life and the mistakes that I made when I was younger, and then looking around me now, I feel so blessed to have somehow been lucky enough to end up here. I have: a wonderful husband, two beautiful, vivacious little girls, a lovely home that I am proud of, both my parents are still with me, and wonderful friends... When I look at things in this way, my heart swells with gratitude and I can put things in their proper perspective.

I suspect that everyone has those days where they feel like life is crashing down around them. We all have those moments of feeling overwhelmed. When my husband is home, I turn to him and share these thoughts and feelings with him. Most of the time, he quietly listens and in all honesty, that is all that is required. Much of the time though, he isn't with me, and in those moments, I either need to find the peace within myself or find somewhere else to turn.

This is where my wonderful friends come in. I know that I can pick up the phone and I can call my friends, and they will be there to love and support me. In turn, I try to do the same for them. What do you do though, when it's the middle of the night and you might feel bad for waking a friend? That's where the internet comes in. It's such a wonderful tool. The computer is always there - your online friends may sign in and out through the course of the day, but they are there. I have a wonderful group on Cafe Mom called Highs and Lows. This is where I share the trials and triumphs of my life and the warm and wonderful women there are always there to uplift one another, support one another and be the proverbial shoulder to cry on. So if you are looking for that in an online community, come and join the group hug! We'd be happy to have you!


Keri said...

I know that feeling of wonderment at the warmness of the internet vs. the 'real' world... I was just talking to a friend about my amazement of the positivity of mere bloggie buddies when one posts a 'down' post...
I think i'll pop on that site and check it out... thanks... a mom can always use a 'pickmeup'.

oh and i like your blue dolphins !!

Roe said...

I know how you feel, Snow. You can always call me.

Chaos Mommy said...

I'm glad Highs and Lows is still running! I know that's always been one of your favorite places to get and give comfort.
Sorry DH is out and about again