Sunday, February 3, 2008

Finally.... An Epiphany!

My best friend from childhood called me the other day. She was feeling down and needed a little pick me up. She is getting married in October, and I think that facing such a major life change - even a positive one - causes all of us to become reflective on our lives.
Stephanie and I have grown up together, and we have so much in common, even part of our scarred psyches are the same. Right now, she is having some issues with her career and not really liking where her life is going. I can certainly relate. Sometimes I think that my life is floundering like the stories that I am waiting to finish.
Stephanie and I have both always wanted to be writers. We are both very creative and have always fed off one another's creative energy. She expressed the other day that she wants to write more but for whatever reason, she is stuck. I told her how I could relate. Right now, at this very minute, I have no less than five half baked stories just waiting to be either finished or brought out from my head and put on "paper".
She asked me why I was stuck? I told her that my stories all ask a question - a question that I am waiting to answer. I wanted this answer to be some universal truth, but now, after I talked to her, I realized that the answer doesn't have to be universal, it just has to be mine. I think that realizing this will finally let me move on....
Why is it that those we love the most are often able to get right to the quick of the situation? I love those brief moments of epiphany!


navywife6 said...

Snow I can't wait to read some of those stores. Had my own epiphany today...and it was my sister who got me there LOL funny how right you are about the loved ones getting "right to the heart of it"