Thursday, February 7, 2008

Monster In Law

Anyone else here see the movie with J-Lo and Jane Fonda? If you have "issues" with your Mother in law, it is simply a must see! Basic synopsis: over-invovled mother is upset when son becomes engaged to a woman that she does not approve of. MIL then sets out to do all she can to break up the happy couple. When the future daughter in law finds out about all her perspective MIL has been up to, she gets even... and the results are just hysterical. In true Hollywood fashion though, the end was a fairy tale with the two women reaching an understanding. ( Of course the male character, the adorable Michael Vartan, was oblivious throughout of all the machinations going on.)
After seeing this movie, I am CONVINCED that someone has been spying on my MIL and I. The movie clearly shows the battle between the two women for the attention of the man. It's sort of sad really, because it shouldn't be a battle - but it is. At least in some cases. I'm sure that there are some normal mother in laws out there - just not mine.
She isn't a monster, in fact, before I married my husband, I adored his mother. I still do, it's just that she is so needy. Actually needy doesn't begin to cover it, but it's a start. It's all about her son - even my children - her grandchildren are nothing more than "also rans" when it comes to her attention. First is her son, second is her grandson, and those two little girls of mine? Oh yeah - also her grandchildren coming in at a remote third. It's irritating.
I guess what gets me the most is the fact that she presumes to tell me how to love my husband, and she lectures me on who he is. The fact is, she doesn't know him at all, and hasn't for many years. She doesn't understand his cares, his dreams, his life. Not understanding would be fine, what isn't is presuming that she knows it all and than can "straighten me out" on some of it.

Anyhow, this is the month of love, and I promised that I was going to be positive. So today, I love movies that can make me laugh at very difficult situations and relationships in my own life while also giving me a new perspective and understanding. Monster in Law gets two thumbs up.


Keri said...

I've found the perfect coping mechnisim for stuff like that... MIL: 'you know johnnie loves beets"... me: with a smile and a twinkle to the voice "that's funny he said just the other day they were the worst ever" MIL: "you know you should keep the house cleaner for johnnie"... me: with that smile again "that's funny he just said the other day he hates a clean house"
After a while she might get it... just make sure you have an annoying 'smile and happy tone' to your voice and they will shut up eventually... use to do it to my own mother.
"why yes mom, i should ...." "why yes mom, your right i should"...
it's the seeping patronage that tames the evil mil.