Saturday, February 9, 2008

Just Need to Vent

So in spite of it being all about being positive, sometimes you just need to vent. I'm getting my period, which sadly, always brings out the worst. I guess the first part of my vent should be about that. I really hate having my period. Ever since I had my youngest, my periods have just been FUBAR. I have a four day period - which isn't so bad, except that the bleeding is REALLY, REALLY heavy. Seriously, I can bleed through a tampon and two pads in less than a half an hour. All day - every day - for four days. Hating life right now. Plus, it's painful which just really sucks.
I made a really nice dinner for my husband last night. Home made shrimp dip ( thank you Paula Dean!), double stuffed potatoes, corn, and spinach stuffed flank steak. Even a Boston Cream Pie. He's been working so hard that he just came home dragging. Honestly, I should have known that in his present state the candle light, heart plates and dinner would be completely lost on him. He didn't even touch the Boston Cream Pie. I'm ready to pitch it.
My Mother in law? Well, we are paying for her ticket to come and visit. All she has to do is get me the dates that she can come and I will make the reservations. She told me that I would have the dates Tuesday night. It's no surprise, but I'm STILL WAITING. I mean, what? Do I have to pick up the phone and make the arrangements for her dogs too? At some point people just need to be accountable. She has until next weekend, after that, I'm not doing it.
Ok, I realize that I wouldn't be nearly this upset if I weren't really hormonal, but you know?

I need a box of midol, a really long bubble bath, a bottle of champaigne and maybe my outlook on life today will improve a little. Well, at least it isn't Sunday and the liquor store is still open.


Jenn said...

I'm so sorry that it's that time. I hate when I get so emotional and hormonal like that. I hope you start feeling better really soon.

As for that Boston Creme pie, send it my way, we'll have it done in a jiffy.

Half my Heart said...

I know how the heavy cycle is... I've got one two after having babies.

Feel better! Hang in there...