Saturday, October 25, 2008

Joining the 21st century

So, I finally did it. I have finally joined the 21st century. It feels strange to feel behind the times instead of riding the trends. At any rate, two things have happened recently helping me become a full fledged member of the 21st century.
First of all, I have a myspace page. I swore forever that I wasn't going to do it, I saw myspace as a cess pool of insanity that I just didn't want any part of. So many of our ladies from our boat have a myspace page though, that I finally realized it would be a good idea if I had one too. It makes it so much easier to keep in touch with what is going on in their lives. I feel much more a part of things now than I previously had. Once I joined, I realized that myspace is pretty much like everything else in life - you get out of it what you put into it. If you are there for raunchy pictures, hooking up and other like activities, you can certainly find that there. However, if you are there to share pics, stay in touch with friends and share your life - well, there are many, many other people there for those reasons too. In the end, I re-learned an important lessons. You just can't judge a social networking site by the sum of it's members but rather by your own personal experiences. I doubt it will ever become a favorite online place to be... but hey, I'm there.

Secondly, and I think this will probably shock more of you than the first item, I finally got an ipod. As much as I love music, you'd have thought that an ipod was a given long before now, but the fact is that I didn't think I really had much use for one. When will I have time for an ipod? I was so wrong!! I love my ipod and use it all the time. It's great for walking the dog or cleaning the house. It will be the perfect distraction for my upcoming trip. Flying makes me nervous so it will be nice to have some soothing music selections along.

Honestly though, what's next? Biometric recognition devices to start my car or log on to my computer? Who knows....


Rural Writer said...

So funny! I have a myspace page that I never (or very rarely) visit. I also have an Ipod I bought in June and have used once! Im in the 21rst century but it is very reluctanly!

Moonaroo said...

Everyone that I know seems to be on Facebook. I haven't joined, yet, maybe I will have to. I felt the same about ipods. I use mine all of the time. I just got a docking station so I can "share" my favorite music with everyone. I may have to join the 21st century soon and get a blackberry, ugh!