Saturday, April 5, 2008

I Am Woman - Hear Me ROAR!

I was telling you guys the other day that some of the siding came off of the front of my gabled roof. Not a good thing! As usual, my husband could not be reached, so instead of waiting to hear from him, I pick up the phone and start calling handymen. You see, our house is two stories and the ladder just to fix it would cost over $200 - I checked it out at

Contractors are a real pain in the ass to deal with! Mostly I heard, "OH, I can't get over there in the next two weeks." Listen, if you don't want to do the job because it's a little job, that's fine, but don't blow smoke up my skirt about it. So finally, I reached Tony, and he tells me that he will come by around 6 pm to check it out.

I finally get a hold of my husband who tells me that I should not have called a handyman. Some thanks I get for trying to take care of it so he doesn't have to do it during an already busy weekend.Anyhow, I tell DH, "Look, the guys coming out at 6, it can't hurt to let him look at it." To which he responds "OK, but I'm not paying more than $50 bucks for it."

Now, dh hasn't even seen the house yet. He doesn't realize that more siding is flapping around up there, probably ALSO getting ready to fly off my house into the land of Oz. Husband arrives home at 5 pm. Tony arrives 5 minutes later. Husband asks me what they are going to charge to do the job. I say, " I don't know, you've been outside with them, why don't you ask?" I go out there and there's DH watching the contractors putting up the ladder to fix the siding. I said, " What's it going to cost?" and DH says, " I dunno." GRRRR.... So I have to ask the contractors.

Tony fixed it for $40 bucks and DH didn't have to take up any time from his weekend. When he comes back inside, DH tells me, "Honey, when something like that happens, it doesn't need to get fixed right away and you can't panic." HELLO!!! I didn't panic - I took care of it!!! If I was waiting for DH to get it done, my house would still be half naked with her wood hanging out.... MEN!


Rural Writer said...

GGGGRRRRRrrrrrrrr! You did well not to blow your top! We are building a house and I ALWAYS have to deal with the contractors while DH is at work. Every now and again he will get angry over some decision I make but He NEVER does any better! Men- Go figure!

Ann M. said...

Good for you! First of all, we have to be able to handle these types of things on our own. Secondly, you handled it all very well AND so your DH didn't have to. He should have said, "wow, thanks honey!" instead. At some point when he's relaxing this weekend, I'd totally say something like, "Hey, you look comfortable. Aren't you glad you're not up on the roof fixing siding?" Heh.

What if it had rained or something before it got fixed?