Sunday, April 13, 2008

I'm Not That Girl

She twirls in the mirror
for all to see,
waiting, hoping, breathlessly.
Tonight's my chance,
Tonight's my dance.
Cinderella at last.

She steps into the ball
hope in her heart,
loving, longing, yearning.
He's handsome and tall,
her prince of the ball..
Cinderella at last.

She has hopes and dreams
for this night it seems
lonely, longing, outcast.
No one sees her
She's just a blur
Cinderella at last.

The dress falls to the floor,
the truth sinks in.
sad, downhearted, confused.
I look and I see
I'm....Not.... That..... Girl


Jen said...

Such a beautiful poem! It made me so sad though! Not a great time at the sub ball then I take it?! You're like the soft and beautiful version of Cinderella everyday - you don't need to get dressed up for a ball to be lovely!

Love and hugs coming your way!!!


Sandy said...

The poem, even it's sadness, is beautiful.

April said...

So reminded me of my high school years, never going to any proms or dances...always feeling alone.

I'll finally be "Cinderella" though at my wedding in a month! LOL

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