Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What Color Are You Today?

Seriously, every mood has a color, what's yours? Today, I'd have to say that I am storm cloud grey. Nice huh? I woke up this morning, thought I was late, so I rushed to get the kids up so that my daughter wouldn't miss the bus. Turns out that I was actually an hour early and I missed my first cup of coffee - ALONE - as a result of having woken the children up. It was not an auspicious beginning to the day.

It's trash day here, so as I was walking my daughter out to the bus, I grabbed the trash cans. (Of course, no one else here does this but me.) As I am walking out, I see this huge and I mean HUGE, strips of white lying in the grass. WTH? I look up, and guess what?? The gale force winds here had taken off some of the siding from my gabled roof. It isn't bad, but it is something that I want to get fixed right away. I think that my husband could probably do it, but as he has neither the proper equipmment ( a really tall ladder, some assistance and who knows what else may be entailed) nor the time, I called various contractors.

Hopefully one is coming tonight at 6 to look at it. I say hopefully because one never really knows when dealing with a contractor. In the mean time the front of my house looks like shit ( to me anyway) and I am praying as the gale force winds continue on through the day, that things will not get worse.

That's my day in a nutshell. Tomorrow I am hoping to be cerlean blue, but today, I'm storm cloud grey. What color are you and why?


Nichole said...

Red. It's the color I most see and feel when I think about myself lately. Red has been given a bad rap for being the color of anger but it's also the color most associated with love and passion. I am working to take back the passion in my work and the love in my family. Juggling school and writing has proved to spark the angry red and I've decided to leave one of those behind and turn the remaining red into something more productive. Love for my kids and family and passion for my writing. To carry on with the big goal.

Roe said...

I'm seeing red, but for a different reason entirely. I've blogged it; it's too aggravating to go into again.

Half my Heart said...

That is a great post! Not the siding being blown off part... but the color thing. :-P

Today I am mostly gray too... only b/c my dog is really sick and we can't figure out why. He is also limping. :-(
But otherwise, I'd say I'm green, trying to stay positive.