Sunday, March 30, 2008

What Is It About Them That Makes Us So Happy?

The bluebird... they say that those who see one will find true happiness. But what is it about the bluebird that makes those who see it feel such joy? And where can one find one? It just so happens that I know the answer, at least to the latter...

You see bluebirds can often be found in the most unlikely of places, and quite often, they are much closer than you think. I have a family of about four bluebirds that live outside our house, in our backyard. We have some beautiful trees back there, where they have quite happily built a nest. There is plenty of food in the local area for them, so it is a fortutitious arrangement -both for the bluebirds and for us.

My children love to see the bluebirds. I often tell them the stories of bluebirds bringing happiness, and in my opinion, having them right outside our home, only proves all the old wives tales to be true. I don't know how any person that is ever lucky enough to see a bluebird could not experience true joy in their heart.

Just looking at them brings a smile, and you feel the happiness building up inside. It's impossible to not realize that Spring is finally here, if there is a bluebird outside my window. They, along with the daffodils are the true harbingers of the season.

I wish that I could catch one of those that live near us on film, and perhaps one day I will, but until then,this picture will have to do. I am wishing all of you, my friends, all the joy that the bluebird brings.


Rural Writer said...

I so enjoyed this post, Snow. I live in my late mothers house and she loved her birds. There is a huge picture window in her bedroom that looks out at the back yard and all her feeders. I love to sit there in the mornings and watch the blue birds, cardinals and the occassional woodpecker and hummingbird.

It is really calming just to watch them.

Roe said...

We've pretty much got the pigeons, but every now and then we see a robin and get excited. The boys made a bird feeder out of a soda bottle and some wooden spoons and it's hanging outside of my bedroom window (I've got the fire escape). We haven't seen the birds on it yet, but the seed is going down, so we know they're eating. :)

Nichole said...

Whenever I see a bluebird it makes me think of the Disney song, "Zippity Do Da" and that song along makes me smile! ;-D

April said...

What a pretty picture AND post! Thank you for sharing that!