Tuesday, March 11, 2008

In Honor of the Happiest Days of my Life

I woke up slowly, and as my eyes fluttered open, I could feel gentle rays of sunshine streaming on my face. As I become conscious, I could feel my baby moving inside me, greeting the dawn with me. I had such a sense of peace and contentment. As I stretched, I turned and reached for the man beside me. He was so handsome just laying there still asleep. He looked so peaceful. I remember his smile as he greeted me - warmer than the sun.

We spent the day together - contrary to popular opinion that the bride and groom should not see one another until the ceremony. That wasn't until 6 pm that night, and we didn't' want to be apart that long. At least, I know I didn't.

We had to pick up the flowers and the cake, we basically did the wedding ourselves. We got married at his sisters house - in her gazebo. It really was lovely. My mother in law handled the decor - sunflowers ( at my request) ribbon, etc.... My dress was white - but very free flowing and gypsy like. ( At 8 months along, it sort of had to be!)

I don't think I will ever forget walking down the stairs with my step-dad. I was so nervous. Then, I looked up, and I saw him standing there waiting for me and I knew, I just KNEW, that no matter what, everything was going to be alright. I'll never forget looking into those gorgeous eyes of his as I said my vows, and quietly listening as he said his. I felt the weight of the wedding band as he slipped it on my finger. When he kissed me, I knew it was going to be forever.

So, from now until eternity, March 11th will forever be the happiest day of my life. It is the day upon which, every other moment of happiness in my adult life depends. Without my husband, I wouldn't' have my beautiful daughters, this life we have worked so hard to build together. None of it would be possible.

So, true to my commitment - here are 10 things that I am thankful for today:
1. My husband's slow, sweet smile.
2. My husband's beautiful eyes that you can just drown in.
3. His sweet, gentle and generous manner.
4. I'm thankful for my lucky stars that were shining on the day that he said he loved me.
5. I'm thankful for our beautiful children.
6. I'm thankful for our wonderful home.
7. I thankful for the life that we have worked so hard to build - together.
8. I'm thankful for the way he makes me feel - still giddy after all these years - he can still make me blush with just a look.
9. I'm thankful that I have a partner that I can depend on and who believes in me.
10. I' m so thankful for the 9 years we have had together and I am thankful for the hope of many more.


Jen said...

Happy Anniversary!! Hope you had a great one and were able to sneak away from MIL for at least a few minutes!! Love and hugs, Jen

April said...

This was SO sweet and gave me goosebumps!

Happy Anniversary!!