Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Bail Money Fund

My mother in law arrived on Thursday. For those of you interested in helping out a friend, my girl Heather is taking up a collection to pay the bail money, should that become necessary.
Seriously though, so far, so good. I haven't had the urge to kill her yet, so that is always a good thing! In fact, the visit hasn't been too bad - but we are only on day 2 of 20! Ugh.
I picked her up from the airport on Thursday. I knew that I would get annoyed if I had to wait too long, so I arranged to be a little late. When I got there, she already had her suitcases and was ready to go. The worst part of the trip so far was the car ride home. That was one and a half hours of just pure one on one hell. She was busy telling me about the man she just met at the pet store and how she hasn't been laid in 10 years. Now the word prude could never be properly applied to me, but, that said, there are just some things that I don't EVER want to know about my mother in law. Her "get lucky" status would definitely be one of those things.
Robbie had duty last night and his mother and I got through that just fine. I kept reminding myself about how much I love him and FOR HIM, I can get through the next 20 days of his mother's visit. If I keep telling myself this positive mantra, perhaps I won't have to imbibed too much alcohol or dip into the stash of low dose medication the doctor gave me! I'm off to put some Bailey's in my coffee and start the day!