Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tomorrow is another Day...

Trying to keep a positive attitude.... trying to keep a positive attitude. I have one week down and two more to go. Maybe we will all actually survive that, although I can not say that with any certitude.
Sometimes things happen that put all the petty shit we are dealing with into real perspective. My friend, Kate, called me tonight - from the hospital. Kate is really sick - she has aplastic anemia, which is like the adult form of leukemia. Not good. She is a widow and all her 14 year old son has in this world. The doctors think that she may have viral pneumonia. She is a blogger and, of course, her blog is listed among my friends - Jonathan's Closet. If you haven't ever read her blog, it truly is a must. She and her son often blog together - alternating entries. Jona is amazing! So for those that pray please send prayers and positive thoughts to my good friend Kate, for a speedy recovery. Thanks!
Somehow listening to Kate and all she has been dealing with, put my demented MIL in perspective. My husband came home at lunch today and gave his mother a much needed attitude adjustment. She has apologized and I have accepted her apology, but I will never forget what happened and I will never leave my children alone in her care ever again. I don't know if our relationship can ever be the same - not that it was ever all that good. It's a lot to think about.

Finding ten things today is going to be a challenge, but it is something that I think, especially on days like today, NEEDS to be done.
1. I am thankful for all my wonderful friends - online and IRL. I love you all and appreciate all your support more than you all will ever know.
2. Earplugs. I am going to start using them - extensively!
3. Lilacs in bloom, or the wonderful Yankee candle.
4. Speaking of Yankee Candles - aromatherapy is a wonderful thing!
5. The taste of fresh, cold water after a good workout.
6. Butterfly kisses and every other kind from my daughters.
7. I'm thankful for Sporty's resilience - in spite of her Grandmother's insanity and keeping her up until after 11 pm last night with her deranged antics, she seems amazingly unfazed.
8. I am thankful for my car - right now the urge to just get in it and drive and drive and drive until I run out of gas is almost overwhelming.
9. I am thankful that I am getting OUT of the house and away from the insanity for almost all day on Saturday and all day on Sunday. There is a GOD!
10. Speaking of God, I am so thankful for all the wonderful gifts He has given me, even if it doesn't always seem like it. I love the quiet sense of peace that just flows over me when I am at Church. Maybe I will stop by there after Curves tomorrow. Maybe that will help me find some peace. Somewhere.