Friday, April 11, 2008

Never Again!

We all have those things in our lives - those things that if we never had to do them again - it just wouldn't phase us one bit. In fact, the lack of having these things in our lives could improve our quality of life significantly!

Here are some things that I would be quite happy to never do again, in no particular order:
1. I would be totally ok if I never had another period. I am almost 38 years old and I have had "IT" since I was 10. I have 2 beautiful little girls and my tubes are tied, so there is no expectation of having any more children. The way I see it, my uterus has served it's purpose and if it were ripped out tomorrow and I never had another period - I wouldn't miss it in the least bit!

2. I have a HATE - HATE relationship with our ride on lawnmower and would be quite happy to never see the seat of the red monstrosity ever again. I have no intention whatsoever of mowing my lawn this summer while my husband is deployed. I have hired lawn men to do that! I have enough with the house, the garden and my children thank you very much!

3. Cleaning the microwave or the toilet. Yes, I know these things have to get done, and trust me, I do them regularly, but if I could wave a magic wand or have a house elf do it for me, believe me, I WOULD!

4.Mulching. I love to garden and I love my flower beds, but the mulching seems like this never ending process. I wish you could just mulch once and it would last for five years or so... but sadly, that isn't the case. I mulched twice last year and already my beds need new mulch. At least I'll get a tan...

5.Ok, this one really is a big pet peeve of mine - listening to civilian women whine about how they "never get to see their husbands". He's home every night by 6 and when he goes on a business trip - he can call you every night. Please don't expect any sympathy from this submariner's wife who goes six months or more at a time without seeing her husband's face and phone calls? Yeah, they are almost as rare, and when I do get them, it's in the middle of the night because he's on the other side of the world.

6. Coupled with number 5, listening to my SIL and MIL whine about the impact of a SINGLE move on my nephew. He's just so stressed because he had to move - poor thing. First off - my SIL and BIL made the CHOICE to move. Secondly, my nephew is 10 - stop treating him like he's 3. Thirdly, again, my children move every 2 to 21/2 years. We leave friends all the time, constantly face the insecurities of a new place, a new school... so please don't expect me to sympathize because you made a choice and you haven't given your child the coping mechanisms to deal with it.

7. MOVING! I hate moving. Well, that isn't really true. The adventure of a new place is exciting, but the packing and unpacking of stuff certainly isn't! To some degree, I long for the time in my life when I will be able to call ONE PLACE home for more than 2 years.

8. Watching my friends cry. I hate to see other people hurting, especially when I feel helpless to do something to "fix it".

9. Saying goodbye to the people I love. I hate it. I hate doing it, and while I know that goodbyes are as much a part of life as hellos are, that doesn't make doing it any easier.

10. I hate it when people see me cry, especially my husband. I hate it when he's leaving and I have so many things to tell him, but my tongue gets thick and the words won't come. For a person who loves to write and who lives to communicate their thoughts and feelings, this is pure, unadulterated HELL!

What are some things that you would gladly give up ever having to do again?


Ann M. said...

I try to be sympathetic to my friends, but #5 on your list just kills me, too. I had a friend once who went on and on for a half hour about how she and her husband had only one day off together when my husband and I had been geographically separated for over six months. I so wanted to say, "I'm sorry, is your husband at least sleeping in his own bed, with you, at night? I thought so. Then shut up." ARGH.

I'd have to say I'd never want to do laundry again either.

Jen said..., the NAVY! My opinion will inevitably change when my DH gets home from his latest run out to sea!


Half my Heart said...

I *try* and make positives out of all the things I don't like to do. When I fold laundry, I talk on the phone to my friend. When I iron, I watch food network and learn new recipes. I guess there isn't much joy in cleaning the toilet though... but atleast it doesn't take too long to do. :-D

Chaos Mommy said...

Would definitely give up saying good-bye to my husband. Or at the very least, make it shorter times he has to be gone. I can deal with a month here and there, but 15! This is pure agony.